My Support


TRUE NORTH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT handles all your List-building Tools management, including setting up both your More Free Offers™ Listing and personalizing your Text-to-Join Customer Acquisition App. Once they’re up and running they’ll start capturing prospective and current customer information for your customer list.

I’ll also place a Join-My-List form on your business’s website and on your Facebook Home page as a FREE BONUS. For those owners who choose to have me, The Email Guy, support your email marketing, I will prepare a ’12-month Email Campaign Plan’ (Approved by you of course), and then managing that plan throughout the entire year, including overseeing the creation of all campaign designs and data entry, helping you produce a Video Message free of charge, and prepare your MFO Sponsored Free Offer and More Free Offers™ Business Details Page.

The bottom line is … I’ll do everything I can to get more customers walking through your doors as soon as possible, and then do everything I can to help you build a long-term relationship with those customers so that they keep coming back to your store to shop month-after-month … and I’ll do it all for next-to-nothing!