OUR SECRET SAUCE – Collaborative Backlinking

True North Business Development offers a list-building package called GROW MY LIST. The package leverages Collaboration to generate what’s called Cross-Pollination, which leveraging each participating merchants’ customer lists into one large, collective “Reach”.

Simply put, Collaborative Backlinking is a tool that helps generate leads and sales at a rate that’s faster than what an individual could ever generate if they tried to do this on their own.

Option 1 – My first offering is a FREE BONUS. It’s a FREE ‘Check-Up’ to see what list-building Tools you’re not using to grow your customer list. Upon completing the Check-up, I’ll make reccomendations of those tools that I know will double your customer list immediately!

Option 2 – My second offering is to ‘set up’ those reccomendatons. The most important of these list-building Tools is a More Free Offers™ isting which includes Collaboration Backlinking and Cross-pollination. My FREE Bonus Offer is that I will set-up two of the 10 List-building tools I use to grow your list – a Join My List tag tool, and a personalized Text-to-Join Customer Acquisition App – and I’ll do it at no charge. Both tools will work together to automate your List-building process.

Option 3 – My third offering as the The Email Guy, is implement all the *Hot Tips* for Email Marketing that I’ve learned over the last 15 years, and implement them at whatever level you want me to.